Ransomware and Disaster Recovery

RANSOMWARE: The newest and most dangerous threat to your business

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RANSOMWARE: The newest and one of the worst threats to business continuity

What is RANSOMWARE? Simply put, Ransomeware is malicious code that can make its way into your IT environment from a number of different sources: the two main sources come from employee email and 'phishing' websites -  malicious websites whose main goal is to lead the end user to a website believing the content they're looking for is just one click away. Before you know it, malicious code has made its way into the end user's computer and soon on its way through your company network.  Ransomware is a huge threat to business; It encrypts your data and completely locks you out until you pay a fee to the criminals who created the malicious code to begin with.  Many businesses have had to pay as much as $600 to $1000 per computer in order to access their data again.  One out of every six businesses have been hIt with Ransomeware, and if you happen to be lucky enough to not have been infected, count your blessings but remain diligent, because you WILL eventually become a victim.  Backing up your data with proven disaster recovery and business continuity technologies are the only way to mitigate this risk.  Tech Connect IT Solutions can help you prevent such an event!

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